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cardsTCG Events... Simplified. - test


  • Online Registration with direct payments
  • Online pairings for Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • Simple player management
  • Bulk player email
  • Cossi Lookup

(or, like read this boring stuff below.)

How it works:

  • You the organizer, setup the event data.
    • (Location, fee, date.)
  • You create a PayPal button to collect the fees.
    • (You will need a PayPal account to accept payments.)
  • You publicize a link to this site for the preregistration.
  • The player follows your link, then...
    • Enters their email.
    • Supplies their player number.
    • Pays you.
    • Prints entry ticket
    • Comes to the event and has fun.

What we do:

  • Track player numbers to check for duplicates.
  • Balance payments against coupons to prevent and detect fraud.
  • Provide attendance confirmation in case of refund requests
  • Determine the correct age division of the player in Pokémon events.
  • Allow split fee entry based on age division in Pokémon events.
  • Print the Konomi coupon with the player data for Yu-Gi-Oh! events.
  • Print barcodes on the entry form for rapid data entry into the event software.
  • Check player numbers for validity and duplication.
  • blah blah blah boring stuff.